I offer the Brain Gym 101 international course and also One day courses for Reading and Writing and Focus and Comprehension skills.

Brain Gym 101 Course dates for 2018

Dates :  TBA    Please contact me

Length of training : 4 days  (2 x 2 days)

Cost : 550 Euros

Venue : TBA

The Foundation course:

This is a 4 day course split into 2 x 2 days so you can learn some techniques, return to the classroom / home / business / sports ground / stage and put them to practice, then return to complete the final 2 days. It is an opportunity to improve your own skills so you can experience the changes that can be achieved with those you are going to work with.

This course will provide you will an understanding about how using easy and specific movements can improve the way you are able to learn / perform. The movements have been designed to work with the physical senses and how the senses develop and connect areas of the brain.

If you are struggling or failing in education, it can be because certain senses are undeveloped and there are not enough neural connections to specific areas of the brain you need for that task. Using the Brain Gym movements can help change this, often with immediate results.

During this course I will help you –

  •  Understand areas and functions of the Triune Brain, how the mind, body and senses develop in the early years and how this relates to communication, organisation, behaviour, speech, emotion, memory and comprehension skills we all need in every area of our lives, on a daily basis, to become successful.
  •  Understand how learning challenges occur and how you can improve the ability to learn quickly.
  •  Learn goal setting and a five step ‘balance’ process that brings immediate and lasting changes for any learning ability.
  • Learn easy techniques to improve – reading, listening, handwriting, memory, creativity, thinking, spelling, speech, co-ordination, self expression, attention, completion of set tasks, self organisation and comprehension skills.
  •  Learn the four steps of PACE to help the mind and body get into a ‘clear & ready state’ for taking in and processing new information.
  •  Learn and experience all the 26 movements and how to use them to facilitate change and success.
  •  Learn a variety of effective and natural ‘balances’ to help release physical, mental, social, emotional and academic challenges easily
  •  Learn two re-patterning techniques that help release any learned compensations and help return to the natural way of learning.
  •  Simple and quick techniques to help develop self confidence, positive attitudes and motivation.
  •  A natural method to help children and adults overcome behavioural issues and stress without the need for medication.

After the course you will have a fantastic set of techniques to be able to help children and adults, of all learning styles, learn much more easily and successfully.

I also offer –

  • Reading and Writing challenges (1 day)
  • Attention, Focus and Comprehension challenges (1 day)

I offer Inset training and Twilight training for teachers

Please contact me if any of these options interest you.                                                                         Any of these courses can be run in your school. Please contact me for details.