I had a successful business in Southwold, Suffolk in the UK since 1994. For over 26 years I have been increasing my knowledge and experience and have accumulated a wide range of natural, advanced and outstanding techniques to be able to help all age groups and abilities overcome a wide variety of  challenges in life, especially in education where every child deserves to be able to succeed and be the best they can. My business is now in Malta.

I am an Educational Kinesiology Consultant, a Licensed Brain Gym Instructor and one of five Rhythmic Movement Training Instructors in the UK. I am the only consultant and instructor in Malta at the moment, so I am hoping to train people to consultant level so many more children and adults can benefit from this simple and life changing programme.

I have personally experienced profound changes in my own learning skills and in a number of areas of my life from using these fantastic programmes, so I absolutely know first-hand these programmes give immediate, effective and life-long results. I have helped many many children and adults overcome difficulties they wanted to improve, so again, I know and have seen these programmes work and change lives. It is never too late to make neurological improvements to help to make learning and skills easier.

I am particularly passionate about helping children and adults overcome various learning, behavioural, emotional and/or cognitive challenges as their futures are determined by their development, attitude, confidence and motivation to be be able to succeed in life. I have a very good understanding of how we develop from a being a helpless new born baby to becoming a fully functioning adult and what can be done to help stimulate and develop the physical senses we all need if this process is going to be efficient and successful.

I also have achieved wonderful results with people who have suffered various types of brain injury, including stroke patients and people with various mental health issues. For many, my techniques have greatly improved their confidence, their abilities and their lives by overcoming various traumas and PTSD.

It is a privilege to be able to work with people of all age ranges and abilities to help them enjoy more choices in life. For many, life can be a huge struggle physically, emotionally, cognitively, academically and developmentally. So much can be achieved just using natural developmental movements with life changing results.

There are several great books to read to get more information about the brain and sensory development, all easy to read and understand: Beyond the sea squirt by Moira Dempsey. This is about the reflexes and explains how important movement is to development. Brain Gym and Me by Dr Paul Dennison. This book explains the amazing Brain Gym programme and the movements. Smart Moves, why learning is not all in your head, by Carla Hannaford a neurobiologist. This explains movement and development in a simple way. Brain Dominance by Carla Hannaford. This books shows the 38 different dominant profiles children and adults can have in learning new tasks, and will show the areas of difficulty a person has in education, business and/or sport. This is really useful information to understand learning styles and difficulties.

My specialist training was with –

Brain Gym International in the UK                                                                                                                Topping International Institute – Wellness Kinesiology                                                             Rhythmic Movement Training International

Dr Harald Blomberg developed the Rhythmic Movement Training programme. He was a Swedish psychiatrist and had been researching and working with the reflexes very successfully with children and adults for over 25 years. Sadly, Dr Blomberg died in 2020. Moira Dempsey is head of RMTi and travels all over the world training with this programme. I have been trained to the highest level by both Dr Blomberg and Moira.

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