Brain Gym can improve any learning challenges

box-twoHopefully you have watched the video clip on my Home page. This is the area I specialise in and achieve outstanding results for any child struggling to learn.

Teachers are always looking for ways to enhance learning, especially for those who are struggling and not reaching expected attainment levels. The video explains why children experience various challenges.

To achieve success and have the resources in place to be able to learn, the first and most important step is to have the brain and sensory system developed and connected sufficiently. This is usually the problem when someone has challenges with learning. Areas of the brain are not being accessed to process the information being taught. The Brain Gym programme can help your school change this issue in a very easy, fun and effective way. Children love to move and movement activates the brain, so give them movements that will enhance their ability to learn at the same time. Learning will then become an enjoyable, adventurous and successful process with less effort and stress for both student and teacher, I guarantee.

Children who are falling behind or are failing in the education system have undeveloped areas of their brain and senses. Until the senses are developed sufficiently learning will always prove challenging and stressful. You will create more stress to their undeveloped system and they will end up hating school and what should be an enjoyable and adventurous process. Using a few minutes of specialised movements daily, at their desk, can make a profound change to their ability to learn, I guarantee.

It is vital to develop the visual, auditory, motor, vestibular and tactile senses FIRST before spending large amounts of time, effort, money and stress trying to get children to do something their brain and body is just not ‘wired up’, ready or mature enough to do. When the neural foundations are in place, teachers will see amazing changes on a physical, emotional, social, behavioural and academic level.

I specialise in developing these senses using specific and fun developmental movements that can have an immediate effect on their ability to learn. These simple movements will improve their self-confidence and help them achieve in areas that were proving challenging or impossible.

Teachers / parents typically report they see improvements in – Behaviour, Motivation, Concentration, Positive attitudes, Confidence, Self esteem

If this has interested you and you would like to know more please contact me. I can offer various training courses for teachers at your school or there are other training courses you can attend with me.