Brain Gym for people in sport

brain-gym-sportMaximising mind / body coordination through reflex integration can provide optimum performance for any individual and a whole team in any sport. Sports people move but how efficient is that movement on the body and brain? Checking for, and integrating, retained reflexes will improve performance and is a unique way that is not addressed by most trainers.

Ideally, if each team member is fully integrated and can access all their senses sufficiently, they will perform at their very best. This is the area I specialise in and achieve this using specific developmental movements that have an instant affect as you perform them. If an individual is not achieving all they could then look at their dominance profile and the reflexes to find where the challenges lie.

The movements are specific to vision, hearing, motor, tactile, balance and the proprioceptive senses. The reflexes are responsible for developing and optimising each of these senses to maximise their performance. Testing each reflex will clearly show whether the mind and body is fully integrated, and if not, there are simple movements that when performed have a powerful and immediate affect on the mind / body system, providing a level of change as soon as you make them.

I offer talks and demonstrations to show the value of this unique work and way of looking at the mind and body, that is different to most trainers, to optimise mental and physical performance. I also offer training for sports coaches to take back to their training sessions. I work with teams at their club too. Please contact me for details.