Rhythm, Movement and Play course

Dates –  TBA.  Please contact me

Venue – TBA  

You can arrange to have training at your school. Please contact me for details

Time – 9.15 – 5.30

Cost – 110 Euros  Includes manual

An introduction to Rhythmic Movement Training for Early Years teachers and parents

An excellent and enjoyable Inset training day programme

This fun 1 day introduction course aims to look at movement and development in a simple way, especially for nursery and pre-school years and how you can use Rhythmic Movements and other activities with young children to make sure they are ready to participate and achieve at school.

Movement is an integral part of play and play helps develop the senses and the brain. Some children who have retained reflexes often have difficulties in playing and interacting with others of their own age and finding a sense of belonging and security in the world.

This course will give you lots of simple movements and games that will help their physical and emotional development in a fun way. Children love to move so why not give them specific movements that can improve their brain and senses easily, quickly and naturally.

Having completed this introductory course and you want to learn more in-depth about all the reflexes and senses and be able to use all the techniques to help the various learning and developmental challenges, you can go on to do Levels 1, 2 and/or 3. You don’t have to do the introduction course if you want to go straight into Level 1, but it can be a good way of finding out what RMT is about and whether it is what you are looking for, and I have no doubt it will be.

If you would like to know more about brain development and how the different areas develop and become connected, then the School Readiness 2 day course will prove more useful and give you further in-depth understanding and more techniques and movements to work with the reflexes.