School Readiness course

Dates –  TBA  Please contact me

Venue –  TBA

Other venues – can be arranged at your school. Please contact me for details

Time: 9.15 – 5.30

Cost – 295 Euros  Includes manual

Preparing children developmentally for Pre-school

This 2 day course gives Early Years teachers / SENCO’s the knowledge and skills to notice some of the signs and symptoms typically seen in classrooms / nurseries that relate to un-integrated reflexes and how these may affect expected skills and attainment levels in pre-school children.

It will provide teachers with the ability to assess children for potential learning challenges that relate to the reflexes covered in this course and a way to help lessen problems developing later.

You will learn about development and functions of areas of the brain in a very easy way and the role the reflexes play in children’s development. You will learn some simple techniques to test for reflexes and then learn a number of easy and fun rhythmic movements to help integrate the reflexes naturally, helping children develop their skills and abilities ready for moving up into main school.

Integrating the reflexes early will save a lot of time, money, stress, struggle and behavioural problems in further levels of education and help to make the learning experience a more adventurous, enjoyable and successful process.

The reflexes you will learn about and their relation to learning are –

  • The Tonic Labyrinthine reflex
  • The Asymmetrical Tonic Neck reflex
  • The Landau reflex
  • The Spinal Galant reflex
  • The Symmetrical Tonic Neck reflex
  • The Infant Plantar reflex
  • The Babinski reflex
  • The Palmar Grasp reflex
  • The Babkin Hand – mouth reflex
  • The Fear Paralysis reflex
  • The Moro reflex