Brain Gym & Educational Kinesiology in Malta

What is Brain Gym?

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Brain Gym is a movement based programme used not only with children and teenagers but in businesses, in sport and the performing arts providing excellent and immediate results for life.

Brain Gym is a profound and fun programme that can help to ‘draw out’ learning using simple movements. I have experienced so many wonderful and profound changes in children and adults, and within myself too. Every educational establishment with children 8 years upward would benefit from using this easy and effective programme that requires no equipment and can be done at the table/desk.

One of my clients with Dyslexia was a 46 year old man who was too embarrassed to read to his children because he was at such a low level of being able to read himself. Just one simple 50 minute session with me, using only movement, totally changed his ability to read and, of course, his life. Anyone can improve their ability to learn at any age with the right help. Brain Gym will help provide the change you are looking for.

Movement is essential to developing all the physical senses that create the connections and link up the brain to have the resources to be able to learn with ease and success. Every baby must learn to move, and as they make the developmental movements during their early years, so the senses are stimulated and the areas of the brain become connected and accessible for the tasks we need throughout our daily lives. Movement is the key to unlocking the ability to be able to learn in every one of us. We can then achieve our highest potential.

15 minutes a day, split into three 5 minutes of movement that can be done at the desk, gym, sports field or dressing room before a performance will give instant results. If every educational establishment added this into their daily routine, students with learning difficulties, low attainment levels, below chronological age and exam results will improve beyond belief, I guarantee

Brain Gym helps improve neural communication throughout the brain AND body naturally, developing the visual, auditory, motor, vestibular, tactile and proprioceptor senses vital for learning and skills we all need throughout life. Brain Gym movements have been designed to specifically develop the various senses with immediate, lasting and life changing results.

The programme is extremely effective and successful when used properly and is enjoyed by everyone who uses it. Brain Gym was first created 45 years ago and is used in over 80 countries in education, business, sport and the performing arts to help maximise the potential and performance of anyone using this developmental programme.

How can Brain Gym help you?

Brain Gym addresses the physical side of learning that most educators miss assessing.

Without the physical senses developed sufficiently, learning will prove to be very challenging, and in some cases, impossible. If the Visual, Auditory, Motor, Vestibular and Tactile senses are not developed sufficiently, we will have challenges in certain areas of learning from reading, writing, math, spelling, listening, focus, attention, comprehension, organisation, processing information, speech, behaviour and memory and many more. There will be areas of the brain that are not being accessed sufficiently, causing you to under-perform in particular tasks and not be able to achieve expected attainment levels. This can create more stress and frustration. Using specific Brain Gym movements relating to the challenge can stimulate the senses and areas of the brain with a noticeable level of change that can be enjoyed immediately. It is knowing which of the senses are under-performing, having an understanding which of the 26 movements to use, and then learning how to make those movements properly to overcome the challenge. The results are quick, life changing and life-long.

Learning Compensations

Some people do find ways to compensate for their difficulties and have to put a lot more effort into their work to achieve and succeed. Some do not have this ability and fail in the education system. Some people reach a level when their compensations are no longer strong enough to support them and then are found or assessed to have dyslexia or other types of learning difficulties.

This programme can help release you from difficult learned compensation patterns safely so that learning can become easier, enjoyable, natural and with a lot less effort having to be put in. It does not matter how old you are or what ability you have, if you would like learning and certain skills in life to be easier, this programme can help you achieve that easily.

What is the Learning profile of your child or yourself?

Understanding the dominant learning profile of any individual, or team, in specific tasks always proves to be extremely valuable information to teachers, businesses and sports people. The learning profile can help show why a person, or team, under-performs, does not work well together and becomes stressed easily when certain tasks prove challenging. Using specific Brain Gym movements can immediately bring about full integration of the brain and sensory system, maximising their learning profile and help a person, or team, become more productive, efficient, organised, coordinated and successful in any task they want or need.

Where can Brain Gym be used?

This programme can be used anywhere, at any time and by any age group.

  • In the classroom – to improve reading, writing, spelling, math, getting ideas on paper, behaviour, concentration, attention, focus, listening, memory, communication, comprehension, organisation It is an excellent classroom management technique for any teacher. It can help teachers to reach pupils who are struggling, falling behind or failing to learn.
  • In business – to improve effectiveness, efficiency, sales pitches, presentations, interviews, motivation, organisation, time efficiency, report writing, focus, positive attitude, quick thinking, creativity and logical thinking, problem solving and much more. It is an excellent staff wellness programme.
  • In sport – to maximise full mind / body co-ordination, accuracy, endurance, motivation, focus, positive attitude, reduce stress and injuries.
  • The performing arts – to reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness, improve confidence, self-expression, voice, coordination, memory to help remember lines / music so you can perform at your very best.
  • At home – to reduce stress, improve family communication, help relaxation and restore well-being.
  • The elderly – use it to help maintain mobility, flexibility, co-ordination, brain function and well-being.

Brain Gym is used by-

  • SENCO teachers and learning support staff
  • People with learning disabilities
  • The Gifted and Talented
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Mental Health Workers
  • People with brain injuries
  • Doctors
  • Psychologists
  • Business people
  • Sports people
  • Actors
  • The Elderly
  • Musicians
  • Therapists

Anyone who wants to improve any area of their life can benefit from this programme. The earlier it is used, the less challenges will appear later.